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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Worldcell®?

A: Worldcell® is an extruded, polypropylene foam sheet with a low abrasion surface giving it an excellent Class "A" friendly surface.

Q: What is Worldshield®?

A: Worldshield includes Worldshield XLPE and Worldshield Non-woven. Worldshield XLPE is manufactured with a 23lb, 2mm Worldcell® blend, inline laminated to irradiated XLPE (comparable  with Volara grade). Worldshield Non-woven are manufactured with 25lb 2mm and 30lb  3.2mm Worldcell® blend, inline laminated to non/woven to either 1-side or 2-side.

Q: What is Utilaboard®?

A: Utilaboard is a 3-layer construction polypropylene board (sandwich board) that is half the weight of solid HDPE. Utilaboard conductive grade has a surface resistivity that typically measures from 10^3 to 10^5 Ohms per square. The available stock size is 3mm x 48” x 96”, in a black color only.

Q: How is Worldcell® used? 

A: Typical applications for this material include cell divider, tote dunnage as well as a plastic corrugated sheet replacement.

Q: Do you manufacture your own polypropylene sheets?

A: Yes, Worldcell® is extruded at our 90,000 sqft. extrusion facility in Elkhart, IN USA.

Q: What new blends are you developing?

A: At Worldcell® Extrusions, delivering a quality product at an afforable price is our main goal.  We are constantly expanding and improving our product line.  Call us today at (574) 333-2249 or email for more information on our newest products!

Q: Is the material "Class A"?

A: Worldcell® is a low abrasion material that is "Class A" friendly.  We will happily provide samples at no charge so that you may test the material as needed.  With so many different "Class A" parts from "E" coat, painted, chromed, and molded plastics, there is no one test to confirm each of our customers requirements.  

Q: What do your product codes mean?

A: A full example of our product code is : WC-29-3-48-96-BU

    The first two letters represent the type of material (Worldcell®)

    The number / letter combination that follows signifies the density of the material.

    The number that follows represents the thickness in millimeters.

    The next two numbers that follow portray the width and length in inches (W x L, width is always listed 1st).

    The last two letters dipict the color of the sheet.

    - SD -  static dissipative

    - CN - conductive grade

    - L608 - laminate with a 6lb 0.8mm irradiated XLPE

    - N12 - laminate with a 75gsm(2.2oz) non-woven on one side

    - N22 -  laminate with a 75gsm (2.2oz) non-woven on both side


Q: What densities are available?

A: - Worldcell® is stocked in a 13 lb/ft^3, 19 lb/ft^3, 29 lb/ft^3, 25 lb/ft^3 and 30 lb/ft^3.

    - Utilaboard is stocked in 30 lb/ft^3.

    - Worldshield is stocked in 25 lb/ft^3 and 30 lb/ft^3.

Q: What are the sheet sizes?  Can you get custom sizes?

A: All sheets are stocked in 48" x 96". Custom sizes are available, contact us for details!

Q: What thicknesses are stocked?

A: - We extrude Worldcell® non-laminates in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 5mm.

    - Utilaboard are available in 3mm.

    - Worldshield Non-woven are manufactured at 2mm and 3.2mm with non/woven to either 1-side or 2-side.

Q: What is your lead time?
A: Stock sheets can be shipped out with just a one day lead time!  Custom sheets will require a 2-3 week lead time.

Q: What are acceptable forms of payment?

A: We accept checks if terms have been established, ACH payments, and online credit card payments.  We offer credit for those who have been approved.

Q: What is your minimum order?

A: Worldcell® Extrusions does not have a minimum order. 

Q: Can you do special colors?

A: No problem, we've got you covered!  As long as certain volume requirements are met, we can run a special order.

                  - $10,000 minimum &10% price increase

                  - 2-3 weeks lead time

                  - 48'' width, length from 12''-120''

Please contact us for more special order information.

Q: Can you do custom lengths

A: Yes, for Worldcell® custom lengths (12''-120'')  we require a $3,000 minimum with a 2-3 week lead time. Utilaboard custom length (12" - 120") we require a $15,000 minimum with a 2-3 weeks lead time. 

Q: Who pays for the freight?

A: Worldcell® Extrusions (WE) will cover the cost of freight on the first order over $1,000 as well as orders that reach $8,000 or more. Flat rate of $188/pallet on subsequent order of $1,000 or more. (Only in U.S. Eastern and Central time zones). All other orders will be FOB shipping branch. 

Q: What is the best way to submit an order?

A: The best way to submit orders is to send a purchase order to for the fastest service.

Q: How many pieces of Worldcell® can fit on a skid?

A: Roughly 44" of product is stacked on a skid, weighed out to around 3,000 lbs; for protection we do not double stack skids in a trailer.

Typical Properties

Q: Where can I find the Worldcell® testing data and typical properties sheet?

A: We are constantly improving the typical properties of our materials and here are the most current typical properties sheets.

>>Single layer non-laminated<<

>>Single layer with non-woven laminated<<

>>GHS SDS Worldcell®<<

Q: What is the maximum working temperature of Worldcell®?

A: Polypropylene starts to melt at 230°C. Heat distance, time heating, etc will all be a factor in the working temperature of Worldcell®. The ideal working temperature is -50°F to 225°F (-45°C to 107°C ).

Q: Is Worldcell® impervious to most chemicals?

A: Worldcell® is a closed cell material, which would make it impervious to most chemicals.

Q: What are the characteristics of the different blends?

A: Any and all blend changes occur to help improve the product.

Q: Is it thermoformable?

A: Yes. Worldcell® requires a little less heat and faster cycle time. Cutting down on energy costs and increasing productivity.

Q: Does your products pass FMVSS302 and CMVSS302 test? 

A: Yes. Worldcell®,  Utilaboard® and Worldshield® products are all passed the test. Will update the result soon, stay tuned! 

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