Worldcell® is a foamed microcellular extruded polypropylene sheet that provides excellent surface protection. It is an ideal material for abrasion sensitive parts used in returnable packaging. Compared to other plastic sheet materials, as well as traditional plastic corrugated widely used in dunnage, Worldcell® provides:

· Class “A” friendly surface protection without the need of laminates.

· Higher strength consistency in all directions across the sheet due to its non-directional structures.

· No open flutes that can trap dirt or moisture which can cause contamination.

· Does not require the edges of the material to be sealed.

· Most products are 100% recyclable.

· Quicker processing for fabrication methods such as die cutting, waterjet cutting, CNC routing, thermoforming, and others.

· 48” × 96” stock size; custom sizes available.

· Reach & RoHS approved.


Worldshield® is a composite material consisting of a Worldcell® sheet, heat laminated with with Non-woven (Spun-Bond) in-line.

Because no adhesive glue  is used, the bond is remarkably strong and heat resistant.

Worldshield® products provide an even softer class “A” friendly surface in applications where the parts being packed are more resistant to scratching.


Utilaboard® is a 3-layer construction foamed polypropylene board. The material is made up of outside hard plastic cap layers with a foam core and is a possible replacement for HDPE, ABS, and other solid plastics. Due to the construction of the material, Utilaboard® offers similar strength benefits to solid plastics while allowing you to fabricate up to 3x as fast.​​

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