Fabrication and Applications



- 3x Expansion (19 lb./ft^3)

- 2x Expansion (29 lb./ft^3)

Brochure & Typical Properties


- 2x Expansion (30lb/ft^) Conductive Utilaboard

  •    Half the weight of solid HDPE
  •    Surface resistivity typicaklly 10^4 to 10^6 Ohms per square

Worldshield Non-woven

- 2.5x Espansion (25lb/ft^3) Laminate with 75gsm (2.2oz) non-woven

- 2x Expansion (30 lb./ft^3) Laminate with 75gsm(2.2oz) non-woven

Brochure & Typical Properties

Worldshield XLPE

Coming soon

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